Earn Cash donating Sperm

Earn Cash donating Sperm


Yes you heard me right!  Earn Cash by donating Sperm. Interested?  Here you go,

What is Sperm Donation?

It’s an act of kindness in donating your sperm to a fertility clinic. The clinic will then supply to much needed consumers:

– Couple who has some complication to fertilized the egg with husband sperm
– Widow who wants another children

You (Male) would visit a fertility center. Initial stage, they will do comprehensive checking on your health and your background before proceeding with freezing your sperms, after that you will get paid for your service of kindness. 🙂

Some people in the western country turn this into a full time career as the pay are more lucrative, compare to how much white color profession get paid.

It’s quite common in western culture as people are more open minded with this concept and aren’t reluctant to approach this service of kindness.

In Malaysia, this service aren’t unheard of. They just didn’t publicized it grandiosely as it’s a sensitive topic in Malaysia (Islamic culture), but it is consider legal here without any written law pertaining it..

There’s a few fertility center here in Malaysia, I will cover one of the center that we paid a visit to ( http://www.sunfert.com/ ). Here we will bring you step by step guide to donate your sperm and earn some hard cash.

Bare in mind, donating sperm isn’t just for the cash, but for the grandiose act of helping families or couple who have trouble fertilizing the egg.

The Process 

  1. You will need to make a booking with Embryologist at Sunfert, just dial the number of Sunfert center tel:+603 2242 to make an appointment or inquiry regarding this. The embryologist will contact you and confirm on the meet up date and time.

  3. After booking are confirmed, visit the center at Bangsar south. DO take note: *You need to abstinence from releasing sperm for at least 3 days, just to ensure high volume are released when donating.


    This is how the center looks like, superbly elegance and with fine interior. It’s like a 5 star receptionist.. haha


  5. Proceed to the main counter at the right side where you enter the front door. Register yourself with one of the receptionist there.

  7.  Then you will get a number and instructed to wait at the waiting area. The person inside isn’t me, a friend of mine. To keep his identity anonymous, I need to blank him out! haha


  9.  After around 30 minutes wait, you will meet up with a nurse where she will explain what and how it should be done

  11. At start, you won’t be brief with all the necessary details regarding sperm donating, they will attend to your concern after your sperm are successfully freeze. The nurse will have you fill up a form detailing  your name, age, last released date and time.Then she will give you a legendary cup as below, to store your release.


    The nurse will bring you to a facility room where it is fully cater for donor to have a peace of mind to release their army! The room has a nice sofa to sit and lean on, long enough for you to pose any position to your liking when you work on your tool. There will be a TV broadcasting European porn to hasten your release and a toilet sink paper to clean your self


    at least there’s marilyn monroe picture to cheer you up.The porn broadcasting is quite mundane and boring, it is advisable for you to bring your own porn material. watch through your phone. The porn there are quite demotivating to say the least.. haha

    It’s quite hard at first where you aren’t in your comfort zone to work on your tool at unfamiliar territory. Well, practice makes perfect, you will get used to it.

    After you have released into the Legendary cup, you will then fill in the detail of the time on the form.

    Then clean yourself and get yourself out.


  13. Head to the nurse desk, where next to it has a small enclosed compartment, Put the Legendary cup into it and wait for the result, whether they could freeze your sperm. It really based on the quality and volume of your sperm on that day, you will only get paid once it’s successfully frozen. If it doesn’t, you will waste your time and your “army” on that day.
  14. Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 09.31.09

  15. For the first timer, after your sperm are frozen, the Embryologist will meet you up to do background checking. They will measure your height, your face features, your family diseases, your characteristic, hobbies and so on. The importance of this is to allow future receiver to chose the right genes for their children. Indian couple wouldn’t chose a chinese gene right? what happen among 3 kids, 1 looks chinese? This definitely will create a problem in the family.

  17.  After the interrogation, they will take sample of your blood for blood test and other relevant checking. Then you will be brief of the whole sperm donating culture and the income incentives scheme payment. Below is the scheme:

a. You will be paid RM100 for every successful sperm freezed and you need to make 10 trips (10 successful sperm freeze) before they can release your sperm to the in need family/couple. Hence a total of RM1000 cash. You need to rest in between 3 days before visiting the facility again.

b. After the 10th donation, they will do a through HIV checking. After that, you will get additional RM1500 for the completion.So a total of RM2500 for the whole process, it will take between 1-2months time. Not too shabby right!


Is it safe?

In terms of the process of collecting your sperm, you are basically safe from the process. Just need some hand exercise..

In terms of identity. Yes, the fertility will never release your details to the family, hence they or the kids won’t be able to hunt you down.


If you are a kind hearted samaritan and open minded with this concept, do pay a visit and donate your sperm. You will help lots of family that are in need and put a smile on their face. While being paid handsomely.

– You will get paid for releasing
– Get additional side income
– Help out family in need
– Free medical checking and sperm analysis

– 0.1% chances of future donor kids hunting you down! haha
– You need to commit your time to complete the course in max 3 months time.

Any questions or inquiries, do leave at the comment. I will answer promtly.


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