Lock in Period

What is Lock in Period?

When you are in marriage, you are bonded for life, if you ever have the slightest thought of getting a divorce, there’s a penalty to pay. Alimony is the name. You need to pay a penalty fine to the other party for the rest of your life, congrats!


Well, this is just similar alike story with loan that you signed with the bank. It’s like a marriage contract but luckily just a short period of time. Phewww..

Once you have signed Letter offer with any bank, you have given black and white conformation to undertake financing from this bank. They would bond you for 3 years, and if you settle the loan less than 3 years, your loving bank would charge you 2% of the total loan amount or total outstanding loan amount for the infidelity! 🙂


If you borrowed RM261, 000 from bank, a 2% penalty will be around RM5, 222. What a rip off right? Well, if you put yourself in bank’s perspective. They had a team of admin and staff preparing your financing, bank needs to pay for their effort, hence you are entitle to absorb the fees when you show infidelity in the process within 3 years.

Words of wisdom, choose carefully before bringing yourself into marriage, the cost of infidelity doesn’t worth it.

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