Hakmilik sementara Vs Geran


What’s the different between Hakmilik sementara Vs Geran ?



Hakmilik sementara and geran both are the title of your land. However, there’s a slight different between this 2 documents. Lets us have a look at hakmilik sementara.

1. Hakmilik Sementara


This is the first page of the title.

What is title?

When you owned a car, you get a green card. When you own the land under your property, you get a title, either Hakmilik sementara or Geran. With this piece of document, you will have the authority right detailed of your ownership on this piece of fat land!

Above picture is the first page out of 3 pages of the title.

The first page will specify few important details



  • The title number for referencing, and (D), whereby this title is produced my daerah land office. Hak milik sementara is a temporary title given to owner before and actual final title (Geran) is provided.

Cukai Tahunan

  • This is your quit rent / year fees, stated on the title itself. Negeri, Daerah, Mukim.
  • This shows where this piece of land authorized under which office.

No. PT

  • In an area, there’s a lot of land pieces on it, PT NO. will state the land situated at which location. Do refer to page 3. It is consider as reference number given to a lot after title survey is done and plotted on a certified plan and approved by director of survey department.

Kategori penggunaan tahah

  • This will show what this land is used for, either for agriculture, residential or commercial/industrial

No. Lembaran Piawai

  •  standard sheet on page 3. Land reference picture.

No pemohonan Ukur

  • This is the reference number for surveyor who did the survey on this land


No. Fail

  • Reference number of this document in land office.


Pajankan selama 99 tahun

  • THIS consider as a leasehold for this property


Didaftartkan pada xx.xx.xxxx

  • It state the date when this title is registered



  • This is to list the restriction had for this land.


2. Hakmilik semetara Page 2

Below page is page 2.

  • It will stored the detail of who is the owner of this land (Full name and IC)

  • This land is financed by which bank


3. Hakmilik semetara Page 3

Below is page 3 of the title

  • It will show the standard sheet . Lembaran Piawai. Where your land is located at.





4. Freehold stated.

Below picture shows that this land is Freehold. Geran untuk selama lamanya.

5. Type of land usage

Below picture stating this land is for Agriculture usage only and Malay reserve land (rezab melayu), whereby this land can be transferred between bumi status only.



6. Non landed title

  • Below document is a non landed strata title. Usually difference between landed and non landed title document is. Non-landed document will stat HAKMILIK “STRATA”. It will also show the No. Bangunan, No Tingkat and No Petak for high rise building.




  1.  Qualified Title (QT) Hakmilik Sementara (HS(D) or HS(M) – Can be freehold or leasehold = Borang 11AK. It’s a temporary document before land office provide the final title Geran


Geran = Freehold land + Final Title (After title survey was done) – Issued by Registra = Borang 5BK


Geran Mukim = Freehold land + Final Title (After title survey was done) – Issued by land office = Borang 5DK



Pajakan Negeri = Leasehold land + Final Title (After title survey was done) – Issued by Registra = Borang 5CK


Pajakan Mukim= Leasehold land + Final Title (After title survey was done) – Issued by Land Office = Borang 5EK


  1. Why is title important?
  • It shows that you own the land

  • it state the land details (freehold leasehold, reference number etc)

  •  You need this document to apply for loan  when purchasing property that has title issued.

  • This document is needed to transfer of charge(ownership)


  1. How does it affect with loan applications if property age >10years and title haven’t issued yet?
  • Bank won’t finance such property as without the title and more than 10 years. There will be problem of transferring the ownership. Hence bank would reluctant to finance you this property


  1. Where can I get the standard sheet from?
  • From state JUPEM office. You can buy it.


  1. Where can I get no lot number for my land?
  • Usually it is shown in standard sheet or certified plan (if the land had surveyed). If the land is yet to surveyed, you wont find the lot no. Land office will not have a link between “lot” and “PT” no. Once a “lot” is out by JUPEM, it will replace the “PT” no. in land office.
    Except you check with the PT. no. log book which is kept by Settlement Officer, which you can check from “PT” no to “Lot” no. Not the other way round.


  1. What happened if my leasehold expired?


  • Land office have absolute right on charging you premium on the land because it is a leasehold land that had expired. The normal procedure upon approval of extension of lease will require the valuation department to give the current market rate of the land (based on time of approval) so the premium can be calculated.
    So it is possible that the premium will be 100% more than those approved long time ago.Some land office allow for extension of lease anytime during the leasehold period of the land.
    If you land title is a HS(M) you should go to local land office instead of go to PTG to check as the record of that land is kept at the district land office.


  1. Where can I get the details of the lot no and title no of a said land?


  • I think you just better off and go to the technical department at land office and ask about the lot no. and title no. directly from them rather than going to JUPEM.


  1. After land office approved the extension of lease, will my land title number and lot number change? Or I’ll still be using the same number?
  • The title number will change but the lot number will remain as the boundary doesn’t change.
    This is the case for Final title while for qualified title, the Pt no and title number both will be change.



  1. What to do if title is missing ?
  • Just follow whatever stated in the checklist and you are good to go. Application can be done at PTG office in Shah Alam, goto the main lobby area and on the left is counter to do the application. If not ask the receptionist for direction.

  • This only applied to Selangor only. Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur or other states may have different requirement.


  1. When final title out?
  • I had many client asking me the same questions, the answer is final title will be registered after the completion of title survey and approval of certified plans.

  • Land office require time to registered the final title and normally it is not the priority in their task as there is not much advantages in register the final title. It just more work to land office
  • Then why you need a final title?
    As our Malaysia legislation , all the boundary,area and size shown in the qualified title are temporary and not final until the registration of final title. So there might be changes !


  1. How I can get my final title now ?
  • First have a check at the local survey department (JUPEM) whether your land had been surveyed and certified plan issued and approved. If it is done, then you just buy a copy of certified plan, write a letter to land office to get your final title registered. The fees are nominal and it will take you around 3-6 months.

  • If none of the above had completed, you may either wait for the title survey works to finish or you could employ yourself a licensed land surveyor to carry out the survey works and get the certified plan approved. Then you do the same steps as above.


  1. Any causes that delay the survey works or certified plan approval

    • Most common reasons is the site is not yet ready for survey works. Secondly there are some problem related to the survey works, technical problem or data problems. There are some major changes in title survey SOP in these recent years and it complicate the survey works to be done. You can have a further reading in my previous post.

Any more inquiries, do drop down below comment section 🙂


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