How to solve PTPTN issue


How to solve PTPTN issue



Have you taken your PTPTN repayment lightly? Here’s PTPTN Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mastura Mohd Khalid tells us what can happen if you don’t make prompt repayments and how to get help if you are having difficulties making them.

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PTPTN is classified as High Education loan in borrower’s CCRIS (Central Credit Reference Information System), Just like other banking facilities such as housing loan, car loan, personal loan. It will indicate your payment behavior on monthly repayment of PTPTN on CCRIS.


Research suggested that PTPTN requires about RM5 billion each year to provide educational funding to Malaysians. Yet as of Feb 29, 2016, PTPTN is due to collect RM15.8 billion. It has only received RM7.9 billion. This means there is still RM7.9 billion in arrears. “There are about 600,000 PTPTN borrowers who have yet to make their repayments,
– says Matsura, PTPTN Deputy Chief Executive Officer


You have probably already read about steps taken by PTPTN, which could possibly lead to legal action taken against defaulters (worst scenario).


1) Your credit scoring will be affected

  • If you don’t make repayment for your PTPTN loan, you will be listed on CCRIS and it will reflect your poor payment behavior. This will affect your ability (scoring) to secure a banking loan from financial institution.


2)    You are barred from leaving country

  • Get your PTPTN repayments in order or rethink your overseas travel plans. PTPTN loan defaulters are barred from leaving the country. PTPTN will inform the Immigration Department and you will then be blacklisted in its database. You also cannot renew your passport or apply for a passport. PTPTN borrowers are advised to check for any overdue amount and settle it or discuss with PTPTN at least 7 days before their trip. To check if you are barred from leaving the country


3)    You will be facing legal actions.

  • Defaulters will first be issued with notices before legal action is taken. PTPTN issue 3 notices and then a notice of demand before it proceeds to blacklist a PTPTN loan defaulter with immigration. If a loan defaulter does not approach PTPTN after receiving the notices and after being blacklisted, they will then be taken to court. A total of 115,279 PTPTN borrowers have received court summons with a total loan amount worth RM9.8 billion as of Feb 29.


How do I get help with my PTPTN loan repayments?


1) Ujrah


If your PTPTN loan is still under the conventional scheme, convert it to the Ujrah scheme. All loans which have been approved from December 2008 fall under the Ujrah scheme. But all loan applications which were approved prior to that date will still be under the conventional scheme. The conventional scheme has an interest rate of 3% reducing balance while the Ujrah scheme has fixed interest at 1%.


“If you are a good paymaster, you will save up to 49% on your loan repayments by converting from conventional to the Ujrah scheme”, says Mastura.


Salary deductions are not compulsory under the Ujrah scheme, but this option is encouraged by PTPTN.


2)  Talk to PTPTN

  • If your financial commitments are too high, always feel free to speak with PTPTN representative and they will always give you any assistance.

  • You may consider to restructure your PTPTN repayment. It will requires you to pay a portion of arrears payment. Then, PTPTN will restructure your PTPTN and it will indicate “0” on next batch run of CCRIS. You will receive restructure letter which consists of 4 pages as proof of restructure.

  • If you have extra cash on hand, feel free to make payment up to date or full settlement, giving you peace of mind.


How to get loan approved when PTPTN arrears are bad in ccris?

To settle PTPTN issues, there’s 3 ways:

1. If you couldn’t afford to pay for the outstanding, as it is too much to bear with, do Visit a PTPTN centre and ask for PTPTN debt restructuring, they will help you restructure your payment for the debt. However, you would need to pay off a certain amount of the outstanding loan, before they allow restructuring to take place. After that, they will provide you a letter of restructuring, 4 pages. Bank will calculate your installment based on the payment stated in the letter.

2. If you could bear with he outstanding amount, do Visit PTPTN centre, and settle the outstanding amount to remove the arrears. After that please do remember to pay your debt promptly!

3. Fully settled your PTPTN. Then the loan will removed from the ccris, After that, they will provide you a letter of settlement.

With above methods, will enable your loan to approved, given that PTPTN is the only obstacles.


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