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Tree of knowledge, concept of school for Mortgage

Mortgage education is important for each and every average joe, not just Mortgage agent/broker, investor and property agent.

We are here as Mortgage connoisseur firmly believe above statement and we are here to educate and impart you with the hidden jewel of mortgage and financial knowledge.

This is why we have come up with School of Mortgage. More lessons, more contents and more corny jokes to satisfy your hunger for Mortgage & financial knowledge.

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Remember how you had to keep asking Mortgage broker how, this, why and there to get solutions to your Mortgage loan problem? It feels like begging them to help you in order for them to hit their sales target. Hence, we the Mob daddy (“trying to sound cool”) trying to transform the way around and make you the expert in this field.

There are lots of people out there, who are interested to learn more about how Mortgage financing works and the strategy to improve their profile, getting higher loan approval and higher loan amount. But they couldn’t get a glimpse of that answer after hours of searching through the internet.


Thus, we are here to offer you with the never before known to the public, professional knowledge and educating while guiding you step by step through this hardship. After graduating, we hope that you could help yourself and others with all this abundant knowledge. As Mortgage Crew believe, with non-selfish sharing of knowledge, there comes improvement in this industry in future to come.

The definition of Mortgage loan is your house being charged to a creditor ( THE BANK ). So that you could pay off the debt you owed in installment to the creditor and owned your property in years to come. Usually we would call it housing loan, whereby you find creditor to finance purchase of your dream houses.

You’ll start schooling by rolling into kindergarten with your chocolate milk and snack pack. This is where you will equip yourself with fundamental of Mortgage and the BIG JARGON used by Mortgage consultant.

If you pass, you will go up another rank higher and higher. Then you will join us the big boys and girls after your PHD completion. You will be the coolest cat in town, knowing all the crafts in Mortgage financing.

To make sure you are fully prepared for Mid school, College and PHD. In between we have prepared challenging questions, so you ace as the top schooler with all expenses paid!


Mortgage financing isn’t easy, but with enough practice and hard work, you can become a professional consultant yourself.

So grab your favorite teddy bear and lets’ head to kindergarten .