Master Deed&Deed of Mutual Covenants

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Niki Lee asked 2 years ago

My boss had bought this property few years ago. Highlight by Developer/Management office need to sign the Master Deed& Deed of Mutual Covenants and stamp. Is that a must to sign this? If not do it, will the owner break the law? If owner not sign this, can Management office sue owner because of the outstanding maintenance fee?

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daifeigo Staff answered 1 year ago


1. It’s a requirement to sign, in order for new buyer bound to the housing rules before joint management are formed

2. Every owner has to sign it when signing SPA

It’s a prerequisite.


LIM ly guan replied 5 months ago

Hi, further to add on on the query, may I know is a must to sign the DMC when the land title is individual? If not signing the DMC and will pay the maintenance fees, will the developer management office kick us out from the community before JMC is formed? Do we have the right not to sign the DMC if land title is individual?

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